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Offering performance events plus workshops, private lessons and  master classes in
musical theatre, ballet, jazz, praise and modern dance.


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June 16, 2019, 3pm at The University Museum, Texas Southern University, Houston Texas 77004
Co-sponsored by: CCPVA and Peoples Family Workshop

A Multimedia-Theatrical Presentation of song, dance and spoken word regarding current and departed legends of the Performing and Visual Artists—and their Supporters—who reside in central Houston’s Third Ward subdivision.

Arnett Cobb,Conrad “Prof” JohnsonTrudy LynnJewel Brown

Calvin OwensDr. John BiggersDr. Alvia WardlawDr. Anne Lundy

Phylicia AllenDebbie  AllenTex Allen Sally Bowie

Leo BaxterBrenda SersGeorge HawkinsA.C. Teal

Bennie JosephHurley HudelLouise MartinHerbert Provost

Don RobeyRalph CooperDr. Howard HarrisPreston Middleton

Michelle BarnesJo Anne Valle RushLarry MarshallMelanie Lawson

Paris HealyLauren AndersonJordis ScrantonKaren Carter

Lenora Carter Sonceria Messiah JilesC.F. Richardson Sr.ReShonda Tate

Francis PageLorenza ButlerTre MagazineDeloyd Parker

Barbra MarshallBill Milligan Skipper Lee FrazierEarnest Walker

Emillion WhitePastor Rudy RasmusDr. Allison ScottDr. John B. Coleman

D‘Andre SamFreddie RobinsonDr. Joseph GatheAnita Weber-Smith

Rev. William LawsonAudrey LawsonClyde Owen JacksonMatthew Knowles

Dwight BaxterBarbara TuckerDorcel DuckinsZinetta Burney

Benny JosephKijana WisemanSonya LucasDr. Edith Irby Jones

Skipper Lee FrazierTrudy LynnLouie CarringtonEarly Hudnall

Ralph CooperBill MilliganGeorgia ProvostLloyd Gite

and more!

On June 16, 2019, in celebration of  both Father’s Day and Juneteenth, a preview of  “Lights! Camera! Action!… in the Tre” was presented at the Texas Southern University Museum. 

Sponsored in part by local businesses, organizations, individuals and Mayor Turner’s “Visit My Neighborhood” tourism campaign, this premier was a phased  preview to the more extensive, episodic work documenting the rich performing arts legacy of Houston’s Third Ward.

As with anything of this magnitude,  this production requires the contribution and participation of many talented people to be successful.   Your contribution will be greatly appreciated.

Please make your tax-deductible checks payable to our non-profit associate organization, 

   The People’s Family Workshop

   P.O. Box 710611,

   Houston, TX 77271-0611, USA.  

For more information contact
Dwight Baxter at 832-872-2784
or Sister Mama Sonya at 832-277-1584


Clips on YouTube from the Fathers Day preview:

Order of Exhibit Performances..

Song:      It Don’t Mean a Thing…Cassandra Tyson:  https://youtu.be/F7hbNgLhQL8

Dance:    Man In The Mirror Medley…CJ Dance Fusion: https://youtu.be/PC3SK3mHCwo

Song:     Perfect Peace…Apostle CK Woods:  https://youtu.be/u7c5J9Y_tLU

Song:     Further Up The Road…John & Roy Marerro: https://youtu.be/gM8R_nDqa6M

Dance:    Order My Steps…Yeree Kim Bingham:  https://youtu.be/a2C_BkyMP8U

Song:      Pie Jesu…Kijana Wiseman: https://youtu.be/M4-nqu6rZ7E

Song:      The Birth of the Blues…Mark Winburn:  https://youtu.be/meYPm24_G1E

Song:      Hey Big Spender…Melodie Murray:  https://youtu.be/Dsv76hMPUFE

Celebrated Third Ward Icons:

The names below evoke great memories of the rich heritage of the performing and visual arts and the special people, organizations and businesses who supported them here in 3rd Ward, Houston, Texas.